Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What is the History of the Limousine Service?

I know that we all have enjoyed a ride or two in a luxury limousine in our lifetimes, but where did this elegant vehicle really come from, and how did it gain its popularity as we know it? A limousine itself is actually a luxury sedan with a lengthened wheelbase that will be driven or escorted by a driver. Many limousines are also called "stretch limos", and they usually come in black or white. Most consumers use the limousine service for special occasions like weddings, business events, or birthdays. For the higher profile limousine customer, like the president or a celebrity, there is also armoring and bulletproof glass available for the ride to give the utmost safety.

The first limousine was actually designed in 1902, with the first stretch limousine coming around in 1928 to drive high profile big band leaders and their equipment from one place to the next. From there, limousine popularity soared, and they became run by the larger limousine services to offer quantity and quality in the business transportation market. Most modern limousines will have a divider that separates the driver from the passengers, providing even more luxury and privacy for the individuals riding. This is especially import for the celebrities that use limousine services as their main mode of transportation, so that they can maintain their anonymity in all they do. You can communicate with the driver through the divider using an intercom or rolling down the dividing window.

One of the newest developments in the limousine service is the exotic limousine. This mode of transportation will usually have add-ons that are lavish and impractical, but well worth the enjoyment! There are even some designs out there that include a hot tub and have to have double rear axels to support that amenity. Some of the car models that are used to make these limousines are Bentley, Cadillac, Jaguar, Mercedez-Benz an of cource Lincoln - a truly fantastic lineup! Another fun limousine style that is out and about on the road these days is the novelty limousine, like a Hummer or Escalade that has been lengthened to an actual limousine bus size. It is quite a sight to see and creates a very memorable limousine ride for all passengers!

After this brief education on the limousine service, I am sure you are as eager as I am to get your luxury ride started! There are a vast variety of limousine available for any destination, so get creative- and enjoy your ride

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